Content Management System (CMS)

Custom and off-the-shelf CMS solutions

We're experts in the design and development of content management systems.

We tend to recommend our homegrown PHP framework and content management solution, Nails, for all types of web application. Within a Nails CMS application, we'd provide four primary ways of managing content. Firstly, CMS Pages allow you to create new pages using pre-defined templates and widgets (custom to your design) - these are full pages that can contain any component we've developed for you. Next up we have CMS Blocks - these can be small snippets of text that you like to use throughout the site, such as phone numbers, allowing you to edit common snippets from a central location. CMS Areas are a hybrid of pages and blocks - an area can be used in various locations throughout the site, but can contain multiple components. Finally, common content that shouldn't live within the CMS itself will be manageable separately - an example of this might be a directory of office locations, which would be managed under an "Offices" section. The content from here would be used in the front-end as per your requirements, but may also be used within the rest of the CMS.

We're also well versed in other off-the-shelf CMS solutions such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Laravel, Symfony and Drupal.

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